How does a new member get started?
After you have joined us by filling out a Member Registration Form, and receive your member password, you will have access to the member's only area.
Create a Profile by clicking on the profile link. This introduces you to the other members and to the event leaders.
Contact the leader of the event you are attending and let them know you are new and don't know anyone yet. They will be sure to look out for you at the event.
If you have any questions/comments/concerns that are not answered here please feel free to go to our Contact Page.
If you think of an event that we do not have posted, you can post it in the forum under Event Suggestion. Our newest members tend to have the newest ideas for cool and fun events, which helps keep the club interesting.
If you attend an event and someone makes you feel uncomfortable, or the leader did something wrong, please Contact Us. We need your input to continue making this club a safe, fun atmosphere for everyone, and our leadership effective.

What is the policy about bringing guests?
We welcome guests at many of our events. If you have any questions feel free to ask the event leader. One thing to remember, the member is responsible for their guests behavior and can be accountable for any trouble or damage the guest causes.

What is the policy about family memberships?

What do my membership dues pay for?
Your membership dues pay for both day-to-day expenses and the following business expenses.
Office Managers
Insurance, accounting and legal services
Outdoor & sporting equipment
Event Leadership training, certification and development
Computer software and hardware
Facility Rental
Event supplies and related expenses

What is the policy on privacy and data security?